This area is for questions related to WebSitePanel and DotNetPanel:
WebsitePanel is the open source replacement for the commercial product DotNetPanel.
This is a copy of the installation guide right click link save target as.
Helicon Ape.htaccess-enabled FoldersMar 17 at 9:46am - admin
To enable .htaccess protection feature open web site properties and then navigate ".htaccess” tab on the page.
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WSP HomeMar 15 at 11:45am - admin
This is where you set write permissions and enable parent paths.
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HTTP HeadersMar 15 at 11:33am - admin
This is where you can add or modify IIS headers.
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WSP Custom ErrorMar 15 at 11:29am - admin
Here you can setup a custom error page for the website using WSP.
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Websitepanel Change .NET version and pool Mar 15 at 11:03am - admin
How do I change the .net version in the websitepanel?
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WSP FrontPage ExstensionsMar 15 at 11:02am - admin
You can add FrontPage Extensions here if they are available on your server.
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Create Virtual directory or Create Application WebsitePanelApr 11 at 3:25pm - admin
How do I create a virtual directory or Create and Application however it is referred to here?
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Microsoft Web Application Gallery fails on win 2003 server WebsitePanelNov 02 at 9:57am - admin
Websitepanel is not able to detect the Microsoft Web Application Gallery installation on windows 2003 server.
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wordpress install.php?step=2 failsJun 02 at 3:00pm - admin
When using Microsoft Web App Gallery installer and WebSitePanel install.php?step=2 fails.
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MySQL GENERAL_INSTALL_ERRORJun 02 at 3:00pm - admin
The following errors have been occured: When trying to create a database with WebSitePanel.
For: ServerAdmin
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