• Our secure encrypted email uses the same security technologies employed by banks and healthcare providers.
• The (SPA) authenticator provides client support for Microsoft's Secure Password Authentication mechanism transmit secure logon and passwords.
• 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption with nothing to download, no plug-ins to install.
• Stay VIRUS FREE with included ICSA-Certified virus scanner.
Domain Keys are an email authentication technology developed by Yahoo, and is primarily used as an additional anti-spam and anti-phishing method.
• Works with any web browser and most standard email clients, including Outlook, Mobile phones, etc. secure email compatibility
• New fast & efficient "Web 2.0" web-mail interface with style text.

This area provides step by step help with setting up Secure Email settings for different email clients.
Outlook IMAP Settings SSL PRICE:
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This is the proper way to setup IMAP in Outlook using SSL and (SPA)

Outlook Imap Settings Secure TLSPRICE:
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How do I setup Outlook using Imap and Secure Authentication?

Outlook POP3 using TLSPRICE:
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This is the basic setup for using pop3 with TLS

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What is TLS and is it secure?

DomainKeys and DKIMPRICE:
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How do I set up DomainKeys support on a domain?

Thunderbird 2.0 Imap Secure SettingsPRICE:
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How do I setup Thunderbird 2.0 with IMAP protocol using secure TLS?