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About Us

While we are streamlined enough to be sensitive to all client needs. We are also successful enough to have the resources for large-scale projects. The streamline structure of ActiveServers ensures that it remains capable of developing personal relationships with its valued customers. We have managed to ensure that despite meeting the needs of a large client base, each has received a package specifically designed to satisfy their individual requirements. Unlike many companies, we tailor our service to meet our clients needs. We believe professional service and honesty matters more than price if your business is at stake. Many cut rate hosts on the web don't even have their own network. We recommend you ask what your hosts Autonomous System Number is? Surprisingly many hosts depend on some third company to do this. Seems when they boast about their network, and their equipment, and they do not even own any it is not really telling the truth is it?

BGP Connectivity :
Our datacenters in Spokane have redundant dark fiber connections to Seattle with a OC-192 connections to the internet backbone peering. Enjoy the same connectivity as any large city like Seattle, with the competitive pricing of the smaller city. We find that locating our self in downtown Spokane gives the best of both worlds. Our Autonomous System Number is as26286 You can simply cut and paste this into a search at and you are welcomed to query our AS number we encourage you to do so.  Since we have our own fiber network using all Cisco equipment we love the more informed clients. We have no problem with enquires about a network that is solid and is all our own. We do have great peering arrangements but then all good providers have these. The problem we see on the web today is many so called hosts are not on their own network with their own arrangements. If you co-locate on our network we can provide you transit services or let you directly connect to the providers of your choice.
    ActiveServers, Inc.
    159 S. Lincoln St. Suite L05
    Spokane Washington 99201
      1 509 444-1025
      1 866 835-0116 [toll free]

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